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What is Neuro Emotional Technique?

Emotions are at the core of every symptom, stress, and disease. These stresses whether physical, chemical, or mental, are involved with health problems. Neuro Emotional Technique also called NET is a cutting edge Chiropractic approach. NET is focused on locating and removing neurological imbalances associated with the physiology of unresolved stress.

How does NET work?

Our body-mind reacts to stress and emotions in a similar way. Often an event, situation, or even words can trigger the subconscious mind. This is called a patterned response or patterned behavior. As a result, we aren’t able to act in the present moment because our mind and body are fixated as if something from the past is going on right now. We may feel blocked or weighed down.

What should I expect at my NET sessions?

The typical NET session or adjustment involves the use of muscle testing. In addition, verbal cues such as congruency statements, will help identify specific stressors held in your body-mind. As these blockages are identified, corrections are performed. These corrections involve specific acupuncture points, spinal reflexes, visualization and homeopathy.

We find NET to be an extremely important element in healthcare. Through a holistic and integrative manner, NET may help your mind-body to better process stress, life and potentially improve your health and lifestyle.